About me

I am Orit Bar-Lev, the Designer and Founder of “TIMATIBO-Jewelry with a Spark” company. 

Making jewelry is like living in an endless dream, in which the mind is working non-stop and the hands are trying to follow….

Ever since I can remember myself I was a creative person fascinated by colors. 

In 2003 I attended a wood painting class, where I was exposed to a variety of crafts and made a hanging mobile – my first creation using beads. The rest is history….

My husband’s career has enabled us to travel a lot around the world, and I am exposed to different cultures, styles and materials, all of which affected me in one way or another.

When I design jewelry, I put emphasis on the colors and the harmony between them, using different metal findings and genuine Swarovski crystals, with a good finish and a glorious sparkle in order to create items which cannot be ignored. 

The woman who wears my designs has a unique distinctive style that harmonizes with my creations for a complete total look. The jewelry is vintage inspired, a combination between shiny and exclusive, which can be worn comfortably for work during the day and to a cocktail reception in the evening.


Since August 2008 I have been living in London, England. Here, I finally decided to turn my hobby into a business. Timatibo became a Limited company and growing interest from local and international markets bring rapid growth to the business. On 2011 I had moved back to Israel and running my business from Haifa.


I hope you will enjoy browsing my shop.